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We aim for a malaria-free world in 2030

About Primmed

If you are looking to expand your range with travel health related products under your own brand, Primmed is the partner to turn to. We can provide you with an optimized range of fast selling travel health products. Our clientele ranges from large retailers in FMCG, outdoor & travel stores and B2B.
Our 20+ years’ experience in the field of travel medicine offers you a trustworthy and reliable partner in the specialized segment of highly regulated travel health products. We are looking forward to working with you! Our focus products are insect repellents, complying to EU Biocide Product Directive/Regulations.

Our clients

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Why Primmed?

Working with Primmed is working with a partner, a colleague rather than a supplier. We take care of your travel health shelf. We can help you with the complex EU-Biocide Product Directive to keep your insect repellents available in your market. We can transform your product requests into successful travel health products under your label/brand. We will sit with you to determine the best product options and within a short time frame the products will be delivered.

Our USP’s

  • 20+ years experience in travel health vaccines/medical supplies
  • State of the art dossiers for biocidal products such as DEET insect repellents
  • EU dossier Biocidal Products Regulation for DEET repellents submitted 7 months ahead of deadline with mutual recognition registrations in most EU-countries
  • Fast communication
  • Competitive pricing

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Primmed B.V.

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The Netherlands
T +31365334711